If/Then At The Richard Rodgers Theater

New York is just a three-hour train ride from where we live so when my sister and brother in law visited the city from Reno last January we hopped on the Amtrak and headed to the Big Apple. I took this photo of the Richard Rogers theater during a walk through the city to find a good place to eat.


We had chosen Superbowl weekend to visit New York and were staying in a hotel on the corner of Times Square. Despite the cold the streets were teeming with people there for the (American) football festivities. On our way to a rather groovy pizza joint we passed the Richard Rogers theater where I grabbed this shot. Despite the cold and long exposure required I managed to get a half-decent image. I love the way the warm oranges contrast with the cool blue-white lighting.

The Richard Rodgers Theater

The Richard Rodgers Theater is a Broadway Theater that was built in 1925 by Irwin Chanin. Originally called Chanin’s 46th Street Theater it was renamed after the composer of the famous musical in 1990. Refurbished in 2006, the theater has the distinction of having shown the most Tony Award-winning best plays and best musicals. The contemporary musical If/Then was playing at the theater, starring Idina Menzel. The show explorers the idea of choices. The main character Elizabeth newly divorced, moves to New York at 38, looking to make a fresh start. The play then divides the character into two story lines playing out the different choices the character makes. If/Then has had mixed reviews but has been a big box office hit in large part due to the strength and popularity of Idina Menzel. At a time when most original musicals only play for a month, it is testimony to If/Then that it is still playing at the Richard Rodgers Theater a year later. Interestingly in terms of ‘framing places’, If/Then began as an out of town try-out at the National Theater here in Washington DC.

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