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paul at framing places

I’m an old-school cartographer with a passion for history & photography.

I’ve been on the move since I was a few months old.

Born in Paris, to English parents, I crossed the English Channel when I was less than a year old. Five years later we moved to Malta for two and a half years. Through my late teens and twenties I moved from town to town across the south of England, from college in Taunton, my first job near Bristol, University in Oxford, then back to work near Croydon. In the early 2000s I moved to the US, and have lived near Washington D.C. ever since.

I credit my love of travel to my parents, who, when they weren’t moving lock-stock-and-barrel from country to country (because Dad was in the Royal Navy), packed us up every year for car-trip, camping holidays in Europe,

Combine this level of wanderlust with a fascination for maps, history and spatial relationships and you find you develop a curious relationship with place and ‘home’.

So, I guess this website is my homage to home and place, what shapes it, how it looks to me and how its framed.

Travel safely, widely, and with curiosity.