About Framing Places

photoMy name is Paul Ricketts and I am a well traveled Englishman currently camped out in Maryland with my Oklahoman wife and young son. During the week I am the Head of Marketing for MarketResearch.com in Rockville, Washington DC. Outside of work I am a keen traveler, historian, researcher, photographer, writer and I enjoy (but am not that good at) ice skating.

This website gives me an opportunity to share my passion for exploring new places, or discovering new things about familiar places. As well as taking lots of photos of interesting places I like to add some context to them. Most but not all of my work naturally focuses on the places I spend the most time – the Washington DC area, the south of England and Oklahoma.

With the explosion in digital photography over the last few years there is no shortage of really great imagery online but much of it lacks context or connection with the viewer. Yet another well executed HDR image of a familiar landscape or building just blends into the ever increasing inventory of well executed post-processed images. I created this website to try and connect people with places I find interesting, whether they have or have not been to them, by telling a story and giving them context.

Paul Ricketts